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With over two decades of experience, Anoma Marketings & Engineering Services offers a comprehensive range of CAD design, drafting, 3D modeling, and analysis services. Our team of skilled mechanical engineering experts is dedicated to providing assistance tailored to your specific project requirements. Whether you need fabrication drawings for equipment components or 3D layouts for complete plants, we are committed to delivering detailed plans and accurate data, all within your specified timeframe. While our client base encompasses various industries, including Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Automotive, Machine, and Robotics Manufacturing, we are equipped to cater to clients from diverse sectors. Trust Anoma Marketings & Engineering Services to meet your CAD design needs with professionalism and expertise.

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Why choose us?

Trusted partnerships

For over twenty years, we have built trusted partnerships with global companies, earning their confidence and loyalty.


Our commitment to quality is upheld through our rigorous three-stage quality checks, ensuring that we meet and exceed your quality standards.

ISO Certified

Rest assured, our operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards throughout our processes.

Cost Savings

By choosing our services, you can enjoy substantial cost savings, with the potential to reduce your CAD overhead by up to 54%.

We're fast, Accurate & Reliable

Accuracy is paramount to us, and our access to a team of experts ensures that we get it right the first time, minimizing errors and rework.


We believe in transparency, providing you with direct access to a skilled and experienced team, fostering clear communication and efficient collaboration.

Featured Services

Our Mechanical CAD Service Offerings

Process Equipment Design

we provide comprehensive support for a wide range of process equipment design and analysis projects. Our services encompass various areas, including pressure vessel design and fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings, and steel detailing. Additionally, we offer assistance in structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and finite element analysis (FEA). Whether you require expertise in equipment design or detailed analysis, our team is equipped to deliver reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your specific project needs. Trust us to provide the support you need for successful process equipment design and analysis.

3D Plant Modeling

Our team specializes in 3D plant modeling, delivering comprehensive solutions for your plant design requirements. With our expertise in CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Plant 3D, and other industry-leading tools, we can create detailed and accurate 3D models of plants and industrial facilities. Whether you need a new plant layout or modifications to an existing one, our skilled professionals are adept at capturing the intricacies of your project, including equipment placement, piping systems, structural elements, and more.

Machining, Casting and Forging

we offer comprehensive support in machining, casting, and forging processes. Our expertise in these areas enables us to provide reliable solutions for your manufacturing needs. By leveraging our machining, casting, and forging services, you can benefit from our technical knowledge, precision craftsmanship, and commitment to delivering superior products. Our team of experts ensures that your manufacturing projects are executed with the highest level of quality and efficiency. Trust Indovance Inc for your machining, casting, and forging needs, and experience reliable and accurate solutions for your manufacturing processes.

Stress Analysis

we specialize in stress analysis services, providing comprehensive solutions to evaluate and analyze the structural integrity and performance of your designs. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes advanced tools and methodologies to assess the effects of mechanical, thermal, and dynamic loads on your components and systems.

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